Endless Meghan Warner

Photo by Sandra Emmeline 

Photo by Sandra Emmeline 

Hi, I’m Endless Meghan and I write things.

You’re probably wishing you could ask me, “Where did the ‘Endless’ come from?”. I usually make people guess, but since you’re kind enough to be reading this I’ll tell you. As a kid I had a giant lady crush on Endless Mike Hellstrom from The Adventures of Pete and Pete, so I changed my Myspace handle and suddenly it became a household name. Okay, not household, but it worked to distinguish between the Meghans at the job I had at the time.

Anywho… here’s a bit about me…

A decade in Los Angeles has seen me bartend, manage two movie theaters, serve celebrities at the Hollywood Bowl, wrangle wigs and props for a show about Christopher Walken, total a car, have my heart broken numerous times, and finally find my home among a community of DIY artists, musicians, and writers. This community is where I was finally able to settle into my art and launch a publishing company, 2121 Books, and take a stab at booking shows and events.

Though booking shows is fun, I have decided to focus my energy into writing. I am currently not represented, so if you're an agent or publisher, please feel free to contact me (feel free anyways, I love getting messages). 

I've also been asked if people can know more about me as a person. For that, I encourage you follow my Instagram (@endlessmeghan) for my latest shenanigans and misadventures allowing for a slide whistle effect.