In the words of Gene Belcher, “Weirdo? I think you mean Anti-Hero.”


I’m Endless Meghan.
Yes, Endless as in the Pete and Pete villain, Endless Mike.

I’m a writer once roaming the wild west street of Los Angeles before falling in love with a man who was the mischievous boy I crushed on since the 8th grade cafeteria incident. It was with hearts in my eyes and a glorious thunderstorm between us that I rode the gentrification wave out of L.A. and back to the Burned-Over-District of New York to live in an off-grid cabin with my partner and our little-medium dog, Spike.

Twist my arm and I’ll tell you I adore writing long stories - scripts, novellas, and novels - most, though I do love the challenge of short stories and the honesty that comes with essays.

In response to my self-published novella, Last Chance for a Slow Dance, a punk rock musician friend described my writing as “fictionalized real life”.

“Fictionalized real life”?

It’s an inebriated way of saying slices of life with relatable characters dealing with relatable issues not often portrayed in a relatable way.
Holding few punches, I write about the real emotions and actions people keep secret - i.e. sexual abuse, the aftermath, things you do when you’re alone with a mirror.

To date, my most well received piece has been my zine, My Accidentally Androgynous Life: A Love Story, which is an essay exploring various points in my life of living with an androgynous look and style and how the journey through bullying, alcoholism, and self hatred led to my loving myself - body and soul. Each page is a collage of photographs of myself throughout my life to this point.

To purchase a copy of this zine, please email  Or Venmo $15 with your mailing info to @endless-warner

To purchase a copy of this zine, please email
Or Venmo $15 with your mailing info to @endless-warner

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