Hi, I'm Endless Meghan, I’m a writer…

I was raised on rock’n’roll and TBS weekend movies with cemetery gates visible from my backyard. My awkward adolescence was defined by androgyny, which sparked bullying, misunderstanding, and alienation; later quashed by self love after a long strange journey, sometimes too strange to write about. 

I’ve received a forest fire's worth of rejection letters, sometimes form, sometimes encouraging enough to take the reigns to release my first book, Last Chance for a Slow Dance: Little Joy

After a stint in Los Angeles lasting longer than a master’s degree program, I left the city, sober and with the love of my life - the boy I’ve crushed on since 8th grade, now the man building our home.

I am still writing, currently working on a personal essay and diving into stories of the rustbelt area of New York, so often forgotten with the hustle and bustle of NYC.

Currently, I am not represented, though I am always keeping an eye out for a place to call my writing home. 

To purchase zines, books, vintage clothing, or other merchandise, please visit the After Hours Dropbox section.