Photo by Natale Shale

Photo by Natale Shale

Endless Meghan, WRITER

The first story I ever wrote was a fan-fiction about the 1985 movie The Dream Team. I fell head over handlebars in love with Michael Keaton, but adored his on-screen relationship with Lorraine Bracco, so I wrote a story where he had a son who was my friend… dreams of a 9-year-old.

I continued to write through high school – short stories, longer stories, and classic teenage angst poetry.

Since those early days, I’ve been in a mosh pit wrapped in fabric; gone for a ride in a '79 Oldsmobile with a guy looking like a cross between Jeffrey Lee Pierce and King Buzzo; marched on the 101 Freeway with protesters; helped a woman move out while her abusive boyfriend was at work; watched cars blow up; and cried in the arms of friends. Through it all, writing has been my constant.

And through that constant, I’ve received a forest fire's worth of rejection letters, but I did receive one acceptance email for my story "Cherry, Mulberry, Bordeaux" on the blog, Mixtape Methodology.

Recently, I was invited by my friends at Playtime Posse to write about our favorite local band, Manhattan Murder Mystery. The response to this piece ranged from smiles to tears as the emotions poured from long time and new fans, which has inspired me to continue writing about bands (check out my blog for other musical reviews).

On July 23rd 2016, during a gathering in the Echo Park living room I share with three roommates, I released my first book, Last Chance for a Slow Dance: Little Joy


Endless Meghan at the Frogtown Flea Market.

Endless Meghan at the Frogtown Flea Market.


In early 2016, a former boarding house turned communal house in Pico-Union gave its tenants notice to vacate as the building had been sold and slated for renovations. While sitting on the front steps with R Casacas, we commiserated about this life of constant temporary homes, the lack of security, and how our families do not understand our lives. This was the moment 2121 Books got its name.

On June 25th 2016, 2121 Books officially launched at the Frogtown Flea Market selling zines, buttons, and a promotional poem for Last Chance for a Slow Dance.

My objective with 2121 Books is to produce books and zines created by artists of the DIY community with no specific genres in mind; only silenced ideas and voices. I have been told several times "Your writing is good, but there isn't a market for what you write.", so I created one.

Within the first year, LCfaSD sold out in its initial run, two more authors have been published in our house -- Poni Melange and Scott Schultz, and we have attended three zine fests. We have many more projects in the pipeline, but if you'd like to purchase a zine, book, or any of our merchandise, please visit the 2121 Books store.