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“My Accidentally Androgynous LIfe: A Love Story” is an essay chronicling highlighted experiences of being an androgynous tomboy and the journey I survived to find love for myself. The words are accompanied by photo collages of myself at different ages.



“Hippopotamus’ Sweat Turns Red when They’re Emotional” is a poetry zine with collages accompanying the words.



“Thanks for the Memories” is a scrapbook of the year I lived in a warehouse with several other artists which ended with the building being sold due to growing gentrification in the neighborhood.



Pin back buttons, handmade and designed with personal photos.

$10 / 10 pack

Coming soon… magnets, patches, and polaroids.

Also check out After Hours Dropbox on Etsy.
The collaboration between my partner, JB Trollman, and myself, combines our unique styles of his western & workwear and my punk rock & nostalgia.