We're Living in Dangerous Times.... And I Don't Mind (Part 1)

Okay, that's not entirely true, plus it's a line from my second favorite Mateo Katsu song, "Forty Hours". We are living in dangerous times, but I do mind. I'm also conflicted on what I believe is dangerous... my fellow Americans or the government.

The Obamas said their final farewell yesterday, today we face down four years of Donald Trump. I've been relatively quiet about politics, both on and offline, following a fight with my brother in early June that left us not speaking until shortly before the election in November. Videos and memes were posted repetitively, so I found sharing ridiculous .gifs and photos of me and Sigmar more conducive and comforting to all involved on the internet. 

It didn't change that I felt strongly about this election, even though I voted third party. I have been called "irresponsible" for doing this, but much like a beloved chant, "My body, my choice", my vote, my choice. I'm also tired of choosing between a turd sandwich and a giant douche (thanks South Park). 

The night of the election, I lay on the living room floor with my computer hooked up to the projector livestreaming the results. My roommates, Tawni and Brett, were in the chairs on either side, and our other roommate, Jeremy, was watching in his room. We watched as, one by one, the states turned red and voter turnout numbers continued to show much lower than last election. Jeremy's visits to the living room with sarcastic talk about Canada, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic dwindled. Tawni, a single mom of mixed race, stated several times how scared she was. Brett, deflated, was the first to stand up and leave the room by saying "I can't believe this is real." and went to bed. Tawni was next. She left the room with tears in her eyes. 

Alone, I closed up my computer and turned off the projector. I did a perimeter check of the house, including a double check of the locked doors, and slept with my pocket knife near my bed. I was laughed at by a man the next day, he said "You're in LA, what did you think was going to happen?" I responded with two things -- "Do you really think LA is clear of Trump supporters? And you're also not a woman, you don't know what it is to walk down a street and an eye over your back at all times, wishing you'd grabbing some new mace/tossed your pocket knife in your purse/walked with your keys between your fingers/tried to lose a car full of drunk bros who decide to follow you from Echo Park to your front door in Glassell Park." 

To be continued....