Ask a Punk

I spent New Year's in New York City, staying in Brooklyn with a friend from LA and her roommate, also a LA native. My friend, already hooking me up with independent bookstores (where my books seem to be selling *brushes shoulders*), she also put me in contact with the people at The Glove, an underground DIY space. 

When I spoke to Lily and Cameron from The Glove, they told me the only show they had booked during my NYC visit was a Ghost Ship benefit. This delighted me more than they could have expected since I was co-organizing a Ghost Ship benefit with the Los Angeles DIY community set for the week of our correspondence. 

During our back-and-forth, I was never given the address for The Glove, thinking I would find it or some hint online, cross streets/look for the vampire mural/four doors down/knock twice, pause, knock three times, but there was nothing.

Having finally gotten the address from my friend (123 Fake Street), I set out dressed like I was in Siberia instead of forty degree NYC. I was staying close enough I could just walk there, though my sense of direction was entirely off since this was only my first full day in the city and I was still hungover from a wild greeting to Midtown. 

I found Fake Street and took a left into what seemed like an industrial neighborhood. To my right was a balcony to an obvious bar, though it would be cool to see this attached to a DIY (maybe some day when it is easier to make DIYs legal). As I walked along, I couldn't find an address on any of the buildings until I heard faint music nearby. 

The building next to the balcony had an awning with "123" across the front, then I noticed an open door with balloons attached to it. I shrugged in my head and kept crossing the street, but when I saw three classily dressed men also headed to this door and two women come out wearing proper clubbing dresses and heels, I slowed my roll. 

I hadn't been to any DIYs in NYC, but Julie and I came from the same LA scene; then again, her style had grown and she'd been living in the city for a few years.... 

"Maybe this is it....?"

A door a few feet to the right on the same building flung open just as I stepped onto the curb. I saw three dudes come out and the inside of the door was covered in sharpie marker drawings. On the ground was a line of music equipment. 

This was the entrance to The Glove, my heart sang. 

I walked up to introduce myself, but Cameron knew who I was straight away and welcomed me inside. 

The event was beautiful, the crowd was gorgeous and as eclectic as our scene in LA. I could not have asked for a warmer welcome to a community who doubles as extended family as we find out we know the same people, venues, and are all in the same fight to protect our spaces.