April Fool’s

JK, I don’t really have much to say today other than remembering the April 1st show at the Church when MMM played there for the last time (Teardrop Orchestra isn’t the same as MMM) and it was Donnie Pepper’s birthday, he showed up way late after the music was over and Michael Bennet stood on the round Shit Dog table draped in his trademark furry, faded sky blue jacket to yell “If you don’t know my name, get the fuck out!”. Then a group of us left out the side door. It was a night I felt super connected to these people I was still getting to know and some I knew well.

Anyway, I’m having another day I miss my LA people. It’s natural and part of the transition, not unlike when I left here to go there.

Also, if you know where I can get a solid cup of coffee and sit by a window on rainy days and write, but also stare longingly out the window… I’m willing to drive a bit, but preferably if somewhere awesome were to pop up in the Olean-Hinsdale-ish area…. that’d be awesome… like… is there a place on Cuba Lake that this can happen?